A Voluntary Blessing

How God provided a counselor for this Christian retreats in PA

By Carl Reeder, Director of Camping Ministries

Our fall Energizer was right around the corner, and we had a need. We needed a male counselor. The staff was praying hard for God to bring us the right man for the job.

A former summer counselor was contacted and excited for the opportunity to return to camp. Yes, problem solved. Or so we thought. Finding this incredible young man was only half of our answer. Our counselor was away at college, and did not have his own vehicle to get him back to camp.

The Gift We Give Ourselves

Christian Retreat Centers in PA

By Dr. Dan Bolin  International Director  – Christian Camping Worldwide

When I went to camp as a child, I received a discounted price because I memorized Bible verses all year long. While at camp, I won a prize for learning more memory verses. Since camp, those passages have helped me again and again. The time and energy invested in memorizing the Bible has served me well.

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