You Are Being Sent Home

Christian Retreat Centers in PA

By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director Joy El Camps and Retreats

Devon* was a middle school camper. It was obvious that he was troubled. He wasn't fitting in with the other boys in his cabin group. As the week went on he began to call them names and pick on them; a cloud of tension surrounded him. His counselors were concerned for him, but he wanted nothing to do with them. They wanted to find out if there were any concerns or troubles that he was facing. But he wouldn't talk at all.  

Camp Gave and Camp Received

Camp Gave and Camp Received: A Powerful Legacy of Patti Cannon

By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

Five weeks before Patti Cannon was to speak for Energizer 3, her doctors found fluid on her lungs. Having battled cancer for more than a decade, Miss Patti’s doctors told her, “You need chemo.”

Miss Patti did the math in her head and realized chemotherapy would conflict with her week of speaking at Joy El with her friend Jackie Pegram. She informed the doctors she would not be starting chemo.

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