Mr. Aaron! Mr. Aaron!

Christian camps in PA

“Mr. Aaron!   Mr. Aaron!”

“Yes?” I replied.

“This is really weird, but after that service I feel awesome.” Said a camper who had encountered Jesus Christ.   I told him that it wasn’t weird, but what happened when Jesus cleanses us from sin.

Last night as Energizer 3 Camp (Grades 2-5) chapel was coming to a close, many children responded to the Gospel.  I was simply standing in the foyer as campers were exiting and this young camper couldn’t contain his excitement.

Praying for Camp Counselors

Christian Camps in PA

By Stephanie Ziebarth, Barnabas Mentor Coordinator

Camp counselors need your prayers.

I spent almost all of the summers of my youth serving in camping ministry, mostly as a junior or senior counselor, followed by women’s head counselor. I dealt with heart-breaking situations, including campers resistant to the Lord working in their hearts, as well as campers who came from horrifying situations.

The interesting thing is: I can still call to mind the faces of each of these young ladies. They were the exception, rather than the rule.

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