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By Stephanie Ziebarth, Barnabas Mentor Coordinator

My daughter Abigail and I witnessed a sacred moment the other day. May the beauty and power of it stay with us always.

Abigail graduated from the 4.12 Leadership Training Program last month. Sadly, serious health problems prevented her Barnabas mentor, Gladys McCrae, from attending the event, though we knew she was praying.

The day Abigail received her high school diploma, Gladys and her husband were moving into a nearby assisted living facility, where they will receive the extra help they now need.

A Very Successful Program

Student - Mentor Relationships at PA Christian Camp

“I’d say the program was a great success!”

By Stephanie Ziebarth, Barnabas Mentor Coordinator

Last week I dropped off a prescription at a local pharmacy and did some browsing while I awaited the medication. At one point, I needed assistance and was pleased that people both in front of the counter and behind it were quick to offer help. One particularly friendly face was a young man in a white jacket behind the counter.

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