Campers had a great time and parents want to tell us! – Part 1

Mentoring takes place at Christian camps in PA

By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

Every week we ask for feedback from parents.  Why? Because I want to make sure we are offering the best experience possible and because I want to encourage our staff with stories of how they have served well.  Sometimes we need to make improvements, and we are grateful for the feedback.  As a Christian Camps in pa, we are committed to fulfilling the mission God gave us. 

Parents (and grandparents) speak:

Joy El hires Released Time Bible Program Middle School Coordinator

Joy El, one of the premiere Christian camps in PA

Joy El Ministries announces the recent hiring of Irene Etim as Middle School Coordinator for the Released Time Bible Program. In her new missionary role, Etim will oversee the operations, staffing and curriculum of the Christians in Action program, the middle school arm of the Released Time program.

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