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A change is coming to the Released Time Bible Program. We are excited to announce that Bible Adventure is the new name chosen by students and volunteers in the program! This is adventure is a must!


Bible Adventure will continue to have the same format and structure that the Released Time Bible Program has had for generations. Changing the name creates consistency throughout the 72 elementary schools participating in the program and makes it easier for parents and students to understand the purpose of the program.


What is the purpose of the program? Joy El’s motto is “Igniting a generation that seeks him” (Psalm 24:6), and Bible Adventure will continue to provide that opportunity for children to learn who their Savior is, that they are loved, and give hope and direction in their lives. The Four Chapter Gospel has been the curriculum for the Released Time Bible Program and will continue with Bible Adventure.


The Four Chapter Gospel highlights the Creation, Fall, Rescue, and Redemption plan God has laid out in the Bible. Highlighting these four crucial elements of the Bible teach children how God has a plan for the world, including each of them. First with Creation, God carefully and perfectly created the earth and called it “good.” Then the Fall of the human race through Adam and Eve and our separation from God. Next, the dedicated volunteers share the mercy, love, and grace of Jesus when he entered the world to save us through his death and provide hope. Hope being the confidence of restoration, eternal life with God, for all who believe and obey the Bible.


During Bible Adventure, the tools are taught to students in 3rd-5th grade to use and read the Bible during the lesson. Listeners, adult mentors, also take the time to talk one on one or in smaller groups to get to know each child. While together, Listeners also encourage scripture memorization and record what has been recited. Preparedness and memorization are rewarded through a point system for smaller items, like a bracelet, on up to a free week of summer camp (300 points)! Most importantly, they will learn how to start the ultimate adventure by beginning a relationship with Jesus and learn how to share their faith with others.


To sign a child up for Bible Adventure go to: and fill out the online permission form.



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