Fresh Bread: The Power of the Resurrection

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Guest Blog by Dan Bolin, International Director of CCI Worldwide


Contentious debate filled the week leading to Christ’s crucifixion. At one point, a group of Sadducees confronted Jesus with a theoretical question, based upon an obscure passage in Deuteronomy and totally void of connection to any real-life spiritual condition.


Jesus responded with His own question, making two overarching observations. “Jesus replied, “Are you not in error because you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God?’” (Mark 12:24) These religious leaders erred in two critical areas: first, they did not know the Scriptures, and second, they did not know the power of God. 


As we walk through the Easter season, we should reflect upon these two core areas of our faith. First, are we receiving godly, biblical instruction and are we reading, studying, and applying it to our lives?


Second, do we see evidence of God’s power in our lives? Are we experiencing forgiveness we do not deserve, and peace that passes understanding?


Knowing God’s Word is critical, but if it is only used to win theoretical arguments or to be ‘right’ about obscure biblical facts, we miss the point of Easter. Because of Easter, God’s power is now available to heal hurts, remove guilt, and forgive sin.  

Dan Bolin

International Director-CCI Worldwide


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