Prepared for College?

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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

Recently my wife Stephanie and I took our 18-year-old daughter to college. We left our quaint Pennsylvania community for a 3,000-student campus in a neighboring state. There, we participated in two days of parent and student orientation, where I found myself thinking over and over again, “Abigail is prepared for this. She will do great!”

There are many factors that contributed to her preparation. I know the leadership opportunities that she received from the 4.12 Leadership Training Program were a major factor. The opportunity to be a leader among peers, serving as a lifeguard, cabin counselor, small group leader and dining room hostess at Joy El Christian retreats and camps stimulated and developed her growth.

As another 4.12 graduate began her college experience, her mother shared with us:

"Aaron ZiebarthStephanie ZiebarthNate Marshall and Courtney Martin - thank you for your investment in the lives of 4.12 students. The 4.12 program has helped [our daughter] with her [college] courses! So for that I say a huge THANK YOU! But most importantly, thank you for helping these students strengthen their relationships with the Lord!"

This past weekend we officially kicked off another year of the 4.12 Leadership Training Program. As I saw students who had been in the program for one, two, three or four years, I couldn’t help but remember them when they started. I am excited to see where they will go!  God is using the program to develop them as leaders, and for wherever their lives might lead. 

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