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Virtually Tour Joy El…

We now have a brand new “Virtual Walk Thru-Tour” that is available to take online by appointment only. These Tours are very detailed and are tailor made to show you exactly what you would experience, specific to what you are interested in booking, based on your needs. The tour takes about 25 minutes and will be personally guided (over the phone and on the video) by Michael John, our Creative Marketing Specialist. This tour will require an excellent internet connection capable of streaming HD video.

To schedule a virtual tour, please contact us directly at
(717) 360-7812 or email us at



Joy El Camps and Retreats is a Christian Camp and Retreat Center in Pennsylvania located in Greencastle, PA. We created this virtual tour in order to help group leaders from Maryland - MD, Pennsylvania - PA, New Jersey- NJ, Washington D.C. Virginia, VA and West Virginia W.V. not have to make a special trip to our Pennsylvania Christian Camp and Retreat in PA. This tour is very informative and helpful, and unlike any other Christian Camp and Retreat Center Virtual Tour you have ever seen!