Dining Room

Some of the best spiritual conversations take place over a meal. During those times you don't want a lot of distractions, like having to pick up your meal at a window or clean up your own table. Joy El removes those distractions by serving family style meals, so you can have the quality time with your group members at the table, connecting with one another. Ready to book? Give Travis a call at 717-443-5000 or email bookjoyel@joyel.org.

The Disciples Diner…

christian retreat centers in pa Our main dining room can feed up to 270 people at one time. We serve all of our meals family style, which basically means that our 4:12 Leadership Students bring the food right to your table and wait on you for more food and drink refills, and then take your plates and bowls once you are finished! None of this KP stuff at Joy El! We take care of that so you can focus on why you came.


All lunches and dinners are served with all you can eat salad bars, and our breakfasts come with a full cereal bar! We can also accommodate special dietary needs!