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AH HA Moments!

Escaping the crazy time-sucking vortex of everyday life so we can unite with God and each other is something we just don’t do enough of…then when we do, it becomes a huge “AH HA” moment that surprises us every time!

At Joy El Camps and Retreats, a provider of Christian retreats in PA and close to retreat centers in Maryland, we take “AH HA” moments seriously as our purpose is to provide people with opportunities to experience life change through a personal encounter with God.

So whether it’s an “AH HA” moment, or an entire “AH HA” week, the Joy EL Camps and Retreats Team is ready to provide life changing opportunities that begin at your own front door.

A simple and affordable rate gets you FREE round-trip transportation for your entire group PLUS…

  • All your meals while on site
  • Meeting Space
  • Crazy fun Recreation
  • The Joy El Team that cares about things like “AH HA” moments!

(FREE Transportation offer is for NEW / 2-night / full package retreat reservations - *Some restrictions apply.)

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