Meeting Rooms

Looking for a great meeting space for your group? Some of our best options are shown here below. To book your retreat, give Travis a call at 717-443-5000 or email

The Worship Center

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Our Largest meeting room which holds up to 330 guests. It comes equipped with a full lobby area, front and rear projection systems, and a full sound system. This room is always reserved for the largest group in camp.

The Spruce / Pine Meeting Room

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Our second largest meeting room and holds up to 80 guests. This room can be divided into 2 rooms for breakouts and activities if desired.

The Cedar Meeting Room

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Our third largest meeting room and holds up to 50 guests. (Set for 44 in the photo) This room is unique because it overlooks the central camp area, and is perfect size for typical groups around 30-50 people.