Parent Testimonials

 Want some good reasons to send your child to Joy El Camps & Retreats? See what other parents had to say…

“I want my daughter to grow in the Lord and Joy El is the perfect place that provides her with the tools she needs to face this difficult world. It is great that she hears the Word of God from other sources besides christian camps in paher mom and dad and our home church. This reinforces her understanding of the Bible and encourages her to seek her own walk with the Lord.”

“We were so impressed with the enthusiasm and courtesy expressed by the counselors and staff. Our daughter loved camp and will most likely be back next year!”

“My child accepted Christ while she was at camp, which was my prayer for her. Just another testimoney to your program that reaches out to children.”

“I think your camp is AMAZING. I can’t say enough about how pleased I was with the friendly staff, the facilities, and the program. I was amazed at all the things you accomplished with the children! It is a beautiful, efficiently run camp. Thank you for all you did for [my son]… I know he has some great memories, and I hoping he will return next year.”

“[My son] really enjoyed himself and we can see where it is good for him to have role models like the youth you have working with him. We also appreciate the time and effort you put into camp. It shows. We hope to be using more of Joy El’s ministries. We feel it will assist us in making a huge impact on our son’s future.”