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We are excited that God is on the move and working in so many ways. God has provided many opportunities to share the hope of Jesus with children, teens, and adults. Over 80 years ago, ministry started with this one goal in mind. Because of additional opportunities God has provided to minister to more children and teens, the facility is in desperate need of expansion and renovation. These much needed upgrades will enhance the execution of our mission. We want to provide each person with the opportunity to experience life-change through a personal encounter with God. We are trusting that God will continue to provide the funds for this campaign. Will you prayerfully consider joining us as we Ignite Hope in Generations that seek Him?

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Shepherds Lodge

This exciting new facility will have nine lodging rooms providing sleeping space for 55 people. Each room will have its own bath/shower room. An added benefit comes with the Shepherds Lodge. It will provide meeting facilities for 120 people. This will be used for summer staff meetings, lounge space, and year-round housing for guests.

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Welcome Center

Upgrading and expanding the dining hall will result in losing almost all office space. Building a central, welcoming office location is a needed improvement to ministry operations. The Welcome Center construction was finished in early May 2021. It is already being used to serve guests more effectively! It will be a plus for guests and for the staff who serve them.

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Dining Hall Expansion and Renovation

Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, our Disciples Dining Hall is the place where heartfelt connections are made at Joy El. The wear and tear of many years of heavy was visible upon entrance. The construction on the Dining Hall was completed May 2022. Through remodeling and expanding the central building we are now able to serve more guests more effectively, and make their experience more positive.

At a Glance…

  • Welcome Center provides double the amount of staff offices to 20
  • Renovation of the Dining Hall serves an average 110 additional campers per meal, new bathrooms, camp store, and an expanded lobby area.
  • Shepherds Lodge provides additional housing for 55 guests and meeting area of 110 people