Projects for 2019

Your provision will provide more effective ministry for sharing the hope of Jesus with children!

Your partnership in providing funds for the following items will provide us with greater opportunities to reach children with the hope of Jesus! New summer camp activities draw more children to our summer camps. Up-to-date facilities and ministry tools help remove distractions that could otherwise keep campers and program students from clearly hearing the gospel message. Will you consider a generous gift toward the ministry tools shown below? Or, will you consider donating any of the items listed below as a gift-in-kind? Your donations to Joy El are tax deductible. (Costs noted below are estimates based on quotes obtained from suppliers.)

Cargo Net Climbing Wall
Praising God – this item is funded!Cargo Net Climbing Wall Christian Retreats In Pa
8 Spike Ball Sets
Praising God – this item is funded!Spike Ball Sets For Christian Camps In Pennsylvania




Grape Vine Challenge Course Element
Praising God – this item is funded!Grape Vine Cc Element Christian Retreats In Pa


Commercial Washers/Dryers
$14,800 – half fundedCommercial Washer And Dryer Christian Camps In Pa


Mini Van
Praising God – this item was providedVan At Christian Retreat Centers In Pa


2 New Go-Karts
Praising God – this item is funded!Jubilee Pic 3 Christian Retreat Centers In Pennsylvania 7205


6 Archery Bows
Praising God – this item is funded!Archery Bows Needed For Christian Retreat Centers In Pa


Paving of the Lodge Parking Lot

Lodge Parking Christian Retreat Centers In Pa


Cedar Room Wainscoting

Cedar Room Wainscoting At Summer Camps For Kids


Slingshot Course

Praising God – this item is funded!

Sling Shot Course At Christian Reteat Centers In Pa


2 Busses



Busses At Christian Retreat Centers Pa


Cabin Renovations

Cabin Bathroom Renovation 2 Christian Retreats In Pa


In addition:

Dri-Deck for the Locker Rooms

In addition:

Hot Tub for Nurse’s Lodge

In addition:

Log Roll for the Pool


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