1 – Camp programming will change.

Adult campers will be asked to wear masks when indoors and not eating or sleeping. Social distancing will be maintained. Hand washing will increase significantly.

2 – More fresh air.

Much of their day, campers will be outdoors, but when they are inside windows will be open (weather permitting) and fans will help facilitate the movement of fresh air in accordance with CDC recommendations.

3 – Facilities are undergoing increased cleaning and sanitizing.

Areas and structures that are community spaces will be wiped down with sanitizer multiple times a day between each use.

4 – There will be a certified medical professional onsite.

Parents, your child’s safety is our priority. As always a medical professional will be onsite for our Momentum, Bible Adventure Weekend, and Home School Retreats.

5 – Service styles are being changed to provide additional safety for the following:   

  • Food service
  • Registration/check-in


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