Gary McCauley

Development Coordinator



Gary has significant experience in ministry and in the realm of development. Over the years he’s been on staff with Thomas Nelson, Lifeway, and most recently, Revive our Hearts. This role is his first direct involvement with Joy El, though he’s been familiar with the ministry for some time.
Gary describes himself as a “lifelong learner;” he studied Political Science and Psychology at Concord College and then Shepherd College, both in West Virginia. For a while, Gary excelled in sales, eventually moving on to do the same in development. He’s been working in development since 1998!

Gary has also lived all over the country. From Pennsylvania, to West Virginia, Maryland, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, and eventually, back to West Virginia with his wife, Paige. He’s excited about Joy El’s vision, and to bring his experience and expertise to Joy El. He wants to help people have joy in their giving, and to see that they’re giving not to Joy El, ultimately, but to God.

Gary’s life verse is Psalm 37:3: “Trust in the Lord & do good…” This verse, he says, tells us most succinctly what it is to be a Christian!