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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director 

A month and a half ago I received a message from a student in our 4.12 Leadership Training Program. 

“Hey, Aaron! I was wondering if you could read over and proofread this paper I wrote. It is unrelated to camp, but something I wrote over the past year or two. It is a paper I wrote to describe the foundation of my faith used to evangelize.” 

I replied that I would be glad to read it and offer feedback. I had no idea what to expect.

I have known Jake to be a solid young man, so I was expecting a good paper. Yet I was blown away by what I read.  You see, approximately four years ago Jake had questions about his faith. He started digging in deep, he asked questions and he researched.  

He was learning so much that he decided to compile the information into a paper entitled, “The Foundations of My Faith.”  His paper includes several sections: 1) Did we originate by intelligent design?  2) Which religion is true? 3) Is the Bible reliable? 4) Doesn't science disprove the Bible? 5) What does it mean to be a true Christian? The final chapter he closes the paper with his testimony.

I was so impressed. The research was exceptional. The...