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By Aaron Ziebarth, Executive Director


Every week across all 90 Released Time Bible Programs we humbly and prayerfully realize that foundational truths, main Bible themes, Bible characters and narratives are new information to many of the children who attend our classes.  We are grateful that parents willingly grant their children permission to join our Released Time Bible classes, many whom are without any church affiliation.  Our staff and volunteers are honored to be sharing Biblical truths to this generation of children.   This is a collection of observations from just ONE Released Time Bible class...

  • In November, while studying the creation story, a listener asked a child to name the first man and woman and she had no idea.  
  •  Two weeks later as they studied how angels announced the Good News of the Savior’s birth to the shepherds.   When the listener asked her three students why the birth of a baby was such good news?  None could answer.  When the listener asked what was the baby's name one child's reply was "Eve."
  • Later this same listener said," When I explained that God loved his Son very much but He loved us too and sent his Son to die for all those who trust in Him, I heard Ashley whisper, “I wish I had a father like that.”

Another week after the teacher shared the story of Abraham being willing to offer Isaac as a...


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