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The Joy El team brainstormed and voted on the
Top 10 reasons to attend summer camp at Joy El.
The results will be posted over the last two weeks of March.

# 6:  Adventure Is Out There!  

By Kaleb Jentzsch
Read Kaleb’s Bio: Here

As a boy, nothing would excite me more than the idea of going on an adventure. It was the thought of experiencing the unknown that captivated my young mind. What was out there? What could I learn? How would the story end?

These stories were always so exciting in my mind! I still remember coming to Joy El as a twelve-year-old, and scaling the mighty Mt. Everest that was the climbing tower. I remember soaring with the eagles on the flying squirrel, and learning the power of gravity. I still recall going out onto the amazing local hiking trails to learn what the wilderness is really like, and see the most breath-taking views with clouds rolling through the valleys from the ridge-line. I treasure those adventure moments with my fellow campers because nothing beats a great story to come home and tell mom and dad!

The fun to be had is limitless, and yet Joy El has given me and so many others the greatest adventure yet. The opportunity to make Jesus the leader of the adventure that is our lives. I learned that life, like an adventure, comes with hardship, brokenness, unknowns...


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