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Released Time Bible Program

By Aaron E. Ziebarth

Do you know the largest mission field in the United States? 

Recently we realized that there are 53 million public school children within this nation. A vast majority of these children will spend eternity separated from Jesus Christ if someone does not intervene. Jesus is not included in their education. 

God has given us at Joy El Generation the opportunity to reach children in public schools. We praise God that last year we are aware of 503 children who began relationships with Jesus for the first time. 

There are currently 3,329 boys and girls participating in Joy El Generation’s Released Time Bible program. 

There is a third-grade boy who wants all the children in his school to know Jesus.  He is in his first year of Released Time and is inviting a lot of other children to attend the program with him. Already at least half of his class is attending. Every week he brings more permissions slips into the school and hands them out to fellow students. 

He is working really hard to get one particular boy to attend. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to come yet. Please pray for him. 

The volunteers see him as a little evangelist. If you...