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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

God continues to amaze me as he fulfills His mission RT. Recently Gary Hornbaker shared the following with me: 

“You may remember that I asked people at the Celebration Banquet to pray for our new 7th grade boy student. The Tuesday after the banquet, I shared the gospel with him, and he prayed to receive Christ.”

--- Ron Dull, Shippensburg After-School CIA School Coordinator

Read the rest of the story from Ron: 

“He told me that they don't attend church anywhere, so I am concerned that he only will have five CIA meetings under his belt when we finish for the year.  I also found out that he did not have a Bible, so I sent one of ours along with him to keep.  His mother seems really positive about the club, and has told me that she plans to sign him up next fall.  Please pray about these things, that he would find time to read the follow up materials, that he would take his prayer seriously, and that he would come again next year.” 

What a privilege we have in Released Time to join God in the Great Commission and share the Gospel.  This week seven students from ELCO began a relationship with Jesus following the Easter lesson, and Wellsville reported thirteen...