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Volunteer praying with child

When was the last time you saw God answer a big prayer?  I get really excited when I see God answer prayer. Especially when it is something that is clearly beyond my control. 

How satisfied are you with your prayer life? Do you find yourself praying regularly? Consistently? Are you seeing answers to your prayers?    

During the fall of 2011, I was privileged to take a sabbatical. I read many books during that time of rest, reflection and renewal.  Several days ago I came across the notes that I took from “Answers to Prayer” by George Mueller. 

Mueller observed that God answered prayer regularly: “Over and over again we see how God provided for the needs of the orphanage each day. Usually in amazing ways, unexpected ways.”  I have certainly found this to be true in my life and at Joy El.   

        God has provided for campership funds for summer campers in amazing ways, and often “just in time”        God has opened the eyes of a disillusioned camper        God has revealed truth to blind minds        God has provided staff needed for every week of summer camp        God continues to provide volunteers for Released Time ...