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4.12 program teaches service

By Aaron E. Ziebarth

Recently my wife Stephanie and I heard from a former Leadership Training student. She is currently an elementary school teacher. Her words highlighted one of the values of the 4.12 Leadership Training Program. 

“I always loved those leadership training weekends. Hope things are going well at camp and the kids are getting excited about growing and serving! I never really realized (until recently, I think) how much 'serving' has been ingrained in me as a person, a worker, etc.-- I think thanks to Joy El. People I work with have very different philosophies on work that aren't necessarily selfless or service-oriented.”  -- a former Leadership Training Student.  

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities to serve in the 4.12 Leadership Training Program. I am excited when students learn to wash dishes, mop floors and care for campers. These skills are so valuable for the rest of life.