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By Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

Children often amaze me. They are innocent, full of energy, brimming with creativity, and extremely, extremely persistent.  

Last Tuesday at our celebration banquet we had several children join us. During the meal we invited all attendees to write down names of students that are back at school, not attending Released Time so that we could pray for them.  

Angie* wrote down 25 different names of children she knew that needed to come to Released Time. She also added the name of a girl who used to attend with a note, "She hasn't come lately. Her dad is in the hospital."  

Angie left the banquet with a handful of permission forms. On her way home, she stopped at two different houses to invite three children to come to join her the next day for Released Time. The next day one of her friends accepted her invitation and was excited to join her for Released Time. 

Here is why it is so important for children to attend. At a different Released Time last week, a young girl, who just started attending Released time three weeks ago shared, “I didn’t know who Jesus was until she (points at a girl beside her) invited me to come to Released Time.  They gave me a Bible...