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We are excited you have come to learn more about Summer camp and the amazing experiences we have to offer for families.  For general information and resources about our Summer Camps click on What You Need to Know below. For more information on a specific camp, click the desired box to get started.

What You Need to Know

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Day Camp

For students in grades K to 5

Health & Safety Info

For students in grades K to 5

Energizer Camp

For grades 2 to 5

Jumpstart Camp

For grades 6 to 9

Wilderness Camp

For students grades 2 to 12

Leadership Experience

For grades 9 to 12

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Dear Parent/Guardian,

The pandemic has shown us how desperately children need the hope of Christ. Whether or not children have grown up in Christ-focused homes, we need to continue to put the hope of Christ before them, because life is hopeless without Jesus. That is why Joy El exists. We take bringing hope seriously, and we take your child’s overall well-being and safety seriously. We are grateful that summer camp 2020 was COVID-19 free!

Year after year, surveys strongly affirm that parents know their children will receive quality spiritual instruction and age-appropriate activities in a safe, wholesome environment at Joy El. This is so important, because our mission is to provide opportunities for people to experience life-change through personal encounters with God. Every decision we make is with that goal in mind, including the screening and hiring of summer staff, food selection, COVID-19 safe practices and activity planning, etc.

I am excited for campers to learn that God is always with them as they take their next steps in life. We are going to have a fun, encouraging, and inspiring time! We look forward to your participation.

I recommend signing up for summer camp early!     –Aaron E. Ziebarth, Executive Director

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