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Free Ride Guest Groups (1)

Book your group for 2 nights and round trip transportation is FREE!

A simple and affordable rate gets you FREE round-trip transportation* for your entire group PLUS…

  • All your meals while on site
  • Meeting Space
  • Crazy fun Recreation
  • The Joy El Team that cares about making your retreat experience exceptional!

(FREE Transportation offer is for NEW retreat groups – *Some restrictions apply. You contact us to book your FREE ride to have it built into your contract–it is not automatically applied.)

Get your group’s FREE RIDE exceptional experience under way by calling or texting Nate at 717-360-7812  or email [email protected].

Who and Where Is Joy El?

Joy El Camps and Retreats, one of the premier Christian retreat centers in PA, provides that feeling of being a million miles away and is the perfect getaway camp location for Christian youth group retreats, Christian adult retreats, church leadership retreats, and so much more.  Close to the Pennsylvania / Maryland state line, the town of Greencastle, PA is located in the south central area of Pennsylvania which is within driving distance for much of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Check out directions to Joy El HERE.

Joy El can comfortably accommodate 300 over-night guests and offers several brand new and newly updated meeting rooms for groups of all sizes including a separate dining hall and a full size indoor air conditioned and heated gymnasium!

Our sole purpose and mission is to “provide opportunities for people  to experience life-change through personal encounters with God”. This process begins from the moment you call. If we are both successful at in our missions, then a “personal encounter with God” is something will that last for eternity in the lives of your campers.

Get $100 Gift Card

Our Group Retreat Referral Program is designed to honor you! As a previous guest, we want to partner with you to maximize ministry. If another guest group books a group retreat because of your referral, you will receive a $100 gift card!

How does it work? When a new group inquires, they will be asked if they received a referral, and if so, to provide the name. If a new group mentions you or your ministry and books a retreat, Joy El Camps & Retreats will notify you and will send you a $100 gift card! If you refer two new groups, that’s $200. If three, $300.

How do I spread the word?

Here are a few ways you can tell other ministries about Joy El Camps & Retreats:

  1. Send them to our website and Facebook page
  2. Request information about retreat opportunities by calling Justin at 717-360-7812 or email [email protected]
  3. Introduce them to “What Makes a Good Retreat” by pointing them to this blog at

What Group Leaders Are Saying About Us

  • “The welcoming environment helped our youth see a bigger view of God’s holiness and learn how to develop a closer relationship with God.” – Nate
  • “God was definitely present here with us this weekend!  We could feel His presence in everything we did.”  – Dick
  • “God’s grace and love was reflected in the staff.  We always have a great encounter with God here.” – Sabrina
  • “Joy El gave us a place to be free from distractions and we were able to draw closer to God.” – Steven
  • “The food was great, the staff was great, the camp was great.  We wanted to stay longer!” – Emily
  • “Thank you so much for everything your team did for us! Your hospitality is unmatched by any other retreat center we’ve ever gone to.” – Shannon
  • “We saw 21 of our students begin a relationship with Jesus this weekend!  The atmosphere and excellent service helped create an environment where God could work, and He surely did!” – Charlene
  • “The Lord was seen clearly at work in our students and you all provided a great venue for it. The staff served selflessly and with great attention to detail.” – Nathan
  • “Our church group spent a weekend here. The staff was awesome, and made our weekend a wonderful experience in God’s creation! – Jennifer
  • “The Joy of the Lord is definitely seen and felt at Joy-El, I love going back each and every time we have another seminar or banquet the food is delicious!! Wonderful God loving gifted smiling people!!! The joy of the Lord is our strength!!” – Penny
  • “Love the place and great experience they offer. God bless.” – Wanda
  • “Staff great. Facilities are awesome. Recommended checking out. – Ken

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