High Ropes Activities

Joy El offers several exciting options involving rope apparatus!  Choose from the Double Zip Line, 40 foot Climbing Wall, Giant Swing or Flying Squirrel.

  • Double Zip Line (all ages) – In this activity, campers are harnessed and once ready, walk off a platform and glide down the zip line to the other end. Weight restrictions do apply to this activity.Joy El zipline at christian camps in pennsylvania
  • 40 Foot Climbing Wall (all ages) – One of our newest activities, the 40 foot high climbing wall offers the participant the opportunity to climb as high as they wish, using hand and foot holds to guide them up the wall.
  • Giant Swing (ages 12 and up) – this activity provides the excitement you remember swinging on swings at the playground but on a much bigger level!  Your group works together to lift the participant into the air via ropes, harnesses and pulleys.  When the participant is ready, they unhook themselves from the lifting ropes and swing freely in the air.  Once they stop swinging, the group again works together to lower the Joy El Flynig Squirrel at christian retreat center paperson back to the ground.
  •  Flying Squirrel (all ages) – Built from the same apparatus as the Giant Swing, this is a great activity for younger campers to try before doing something bigger like the Giant Swing or Zip-Line.  Your group works together to life the participant into the air via ropes, harnesses and pulleys.  The participant can go as high as they would like before telling the team to stop pulling.  They may remain suspended in the air for as long as they are comfortable and then ask the team to let them back down.
  • Challenge Course (all ages) – This 13 part course is designed for team building!  From the spiderweb to the    Climbing Wall at Joy El christian retreat centers in pa                                               “Peanut Butter Pit,” this course is fun for all ages but a challenge as well!

Water Activities

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, your group can enjoy the refreshment of the Swimming Pool, Splash Ground, Water Slide or AquaClimb!  Perhaps canoes or Corcl boats are more your speed.  Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to cool off during the hot days of summer!

  • Swimming Pool – open for our groups free of charge on Saturday afternoons!  Other times are also available for a small, per person fee.AquaClimb at Joy El christian retreats pa
  • Splash Ground – fun for all ages, not just the little ones!  Cool off all at once under the big bucket or have a water canon battle!
  • Water Slide – like the thrill of sledding or tubing in the snow in the winter time?  You can have that same excitement when you slide down the hill on the water slide!
  • AquaClimb – connected to pool, you can climb the wall and jump off into the pool!
  • Canoes – row down Back Creek and enjoy the sounds of nature!
  • Corcl Boats (BRAND NEW!) – have fun in this one-man boat rowing down the stream and back again.

Other ActivitiesCanoeing at Joy El, near retreat centers in maryland

If high adventure and water activities aren’t your forte, enjoy some of these activities:

  • Go Karts – Enjoy driving a go kart around our paved track!  Who will get to the finish line first?
  • Archery – Hit the bulls eye at the archery range!  We provide the bows and arrows!
  • Miniature golf – Take a journey through Bible history starting with Creation and ending with Revelation.  Look out for Jonah’s whale; he might swallow your golf ball!
  • Disc golf – This nine-hole course is a recent addition to the activities available at Joy El.  Discs are provided, but feel free to bring your ownCorcl boating at Joy El christian camps in pa special set!
  • Gaga ball – Two courts are available to play this fun and addicting game!
  • Nine Square in the Air – a variation of 4-square combined with the fun of volleyball – a super-fun and challenging game
  • Climbing Peg Board – located in the gym, climb up the board using just your strength and some pegs!  How high can you go?
  • Sand Court Volleyball – available any time of the year, enjoy volleyball with a bit of a twist.
  • Carpetball – kind of like pool and kind of not; knock your opponents billiards out of the way to score points.Archery at Joy El christian camps in pa
  • Playground – enjoy swinging on swings, sliding down the sliding board and everyone’s favorite, the monkey bars!  Great for the little ones in your group!
  • Tetherball – who will be the victor and wrap the rope around the pole?
  • Soccer Field – not limited to soccer, this is a great space to do your own planned relay games and group games!
  • Full-sized Gymnasium – There’s so much you can do in here!
    • Basketball
    • Floor hockeyZiplining at Joy El pennsylvania christian camp
    • Shuffleboard
    • Indoor Volleyball
    • Indoor Campfire
    • Indoor team-building challenges available as well!
  • Game Room – located just off the gym, enjoy…
    • Foosball
    • Air Hockey
    • Ping Pong
    • Board games and card games
    • This room also has a great sitting area with a working fireplace – great for small group breakout sessions!
  • Outdoor Chapel – enjoy a large campfire with your group.  We supply the wood and materials to get the fire going, you supply the memories made!Campfire at Joy El christian retreat centers in pa