“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” (Luke 15:7) These are the words of Jesus as he told the parable of the “Lost Sheep.” This past ministry year, we were able to rejoice 562 times with students (and some adults) who began a relationship with Jesus at camp, Bible Adventure and CIA! As summer approaches, it’s exciting to think about the many children who will hear about Jesus and realize their need for a relationship with Him.


This past summer, a new support staff member joined us. Kyle was asked to be our high ropes coordinator for the summer. When he arrived, he realized he had entered an environment he had not been in before. Raised in a home where following Christ was not a high priority, Kyle realized something was missing, but he couldn’t pinpoint what. Then he came to serve at camp and quickly realized the other summer staff had something he did not, a true walk with Jesus.

During training week, Kyle truly learned more about the Bible, Jesus, and what it means to be a Christian than he had ever known before. Suddenly, he realized what had been missing in his life. He needed to take his relationship with Jesus seriously! He decided to walk more closely with Jesus after staff training and quickly dove into learning all he could from the Bible.

Months have passed since that time and Kyle is just as eager and committed to growing in his relationship with Jesus. He’s been doing daily Bible Study, prayer and devotions. He’s meeting regularly with a mentor and his fellow summer staff are helping him grow in his relationship with Jesus. He still has many questions, but he doesn’t rest until he finds the answers. He has a deep fire within him to grow in his spiritual walk and to honor God in all he does.

Kyle is excited to return to camp this summer to be a senior counselor. He wants to help the boys and young men who attend camp know about Jesus and have the opportunity to begin a life-changing relationship with Jesus. I am sure he will impact many with his testimony and his growing faith!


Every summer, many children (and adults!) come to camp and hear about Jesus for the first time. Children are given the opportunity to begin a relationship with Jesus or renew their relationship with Jesus when they are here. One-on-one interactions with their counselors often turn into deep discussions where these students realize their need for a Savior. We are praying there will be many life-changing moments for children this summer!

Your help is needed to cover the costs of doing camp ministry this summer. Your gift of $369 would cover the cost of one camper for a week of camp. You can help children learn the Good News about Jesus!


Aaron E Ziebarth, CEO

*Name and photo have been used with permission.


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