God had great things in mind this past January when we held our very first family retreat.  Just days before the retreat, our speaker, Ms. Jackie, tested positive for Covid and we had to find a last-minute substitute.  No one realized how God would use that to draw campers closer to Him.

Img 3306 LDuring the first session of the family retreat, Joe Hall, our speaker, shared his testimony.  He had been raised in a home where religion was practiced but no one it seemed had a personal relationship with Jesus.  When he grew older and moved away from home, he realized his need for Christ and began a true relationship with Jesus.  One mother,*Laura, was taking it all in.  “His story sounds just like mine,” she thought, “but I don’t know that I am for sure going to heaven when I die.”

After the service was over, Laura approached the speaker.  She shared with him that his testimony could easily be her story as well, “but I don’t know that I’m going to heaven when I die,” she said.  “I can’t say that I’ve ever began a relationship with Jesus.”  

Pastor Joe asked her if she would like to take that step and begin a relationship with Jesus now.  Laura tearfully nodded yes.  He prayed with her and she prayed to receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior.  As she did so, her daughter, *Kelly, was observing from the back of the room.

When they were finished praying, Laura gathered her things preparing to leave.  She saw Kelly waiting for her.  Kelly was visibly upset.  “What’s wrong?” Laura asked.

“Mom, I don’t know that I would go to heaven when I die either!” she exclaimed. “I want Jesus in my heart too!”  Then Laura had the privilege of praying with her daughter to help her begin a relationship with Jesus!

Camp provides a place where children and adults can connect intimately with God.  It provides an environment of authentic Christian community where they can fellowship with other believers and be encouraged in their faith, and for some, be moved to take that first step in their journey with Jesus. 

This summer, we anticipate over 1,500 campers will attend summer camp.  It’s exciting to think of all the ways God will work in each camper’s life.  It costs $343 for a life-changing week of summer camp.  Would you prayerfully consider defraying the cost for a week of camp?  A week of camp can make an eternal difference in the life of a child.  You can give by going here. Thank you for considering how you can help!


Forever grateful,

Aaron E Ziebarth

Executive Director


P.S. – Last summer, 125 children began a relationship with Jesus at summer camp!  Registrations are at an all-time high for this summer.  Your gift will make a big impact in connecting campers to Jesus!